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I’ve always believed that the best photos are those that are hard to look away from. The kind that catches your eye and makes you truly feel something. You look at the photo and all the feelings of the captured moment come rushing back to the surface. Those are the kinds of images I strive to create every single day at Angela Vaughns Photography. Photographs that worthy of displaying proudly in your home and passing down to the next generation.

What is lifestyle photography?
Wikipedia says that lifestyle photography is a kind of photography that mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people’s lives or to inspire people at different times.
Lifestyle photography is “posed” in a way that the photographer gives some direction and then documents the natural responses after. The goal of photography is always to put the subject in the best light, photography means painting with light after all. So, a little direction toward the best possible light is always the goal.
I think that’s a pretty good definition!
People are so interesting and I love capturing their emotions in pictures; my goal is to convey their feelings, thoughts, and emotions and preserve them forever in a photograph. To me, lifestyle photography is all about capturing the personalities and the dynamics of various relationships; and when I photograph you and your loved ones, that’s always my goal.

I care about connection over perfection! 
My style is focused on personality, relationships, and moments in between. Of course, I also aim to take a “technically correct” image, but my focus is on capturing the personality of your family dynamics, and the time of life with significant other and/or your children. Snuggling, playing, laughing – I value those moments over the heavily posed, “perfect” photo.
That being said, I will gently pose you and create flattering images. I’ll even capture a few “classic” family portraits during your session if you wish. But, the authentic moments I capture are the images that families fall in love with the most. Sessions can last up to two hours and I only schedule one session a day. I like to take my time and let the moments unfold. A rushed session is rarely best for anyone- child or adult. It’s a lot of pressure and takes out the fun!

I do not simply show up – I help plan as much as you want me to.
I have a session guide that will be sent once you book with me. It covers what to wear, how to prepare, and more! You can even text me outfit ideas! Whether it’s helping you choose the best location for your style and mood, outfits, and understanding what dreams you have for your session, I am there. I want your session to be stress-free and easy flowing. I chat with children (and reluctant partners) involved before starting so they feel comfortable and involved in the process as well. I care so much about my clients, and we tend to become friends. 

My style is simple and natural.
Oftentimes, I will show up with my camera and lens. That’s it. I like to keep it simple. You won’t find me lugging around props or major lighting gear. I want the focus to be on you and the connection with your loved ones. I love using natural light and will seek it out.
As for my editing, I love to accentuate bright colors, natural lighting, and sharp imagery. If an image calls for it, I will also edit it in black and white.

Before your session, we will discuss editing personal features. My workflow does not include heavy photo manipulation. I believe that you should look like you! My general rule of thumb: If it’s permanently a part of you, I will not automatically edit it away. However, I will take care of temporary blemishes such as scars and pimples.

Can I speak or meet with you before I book?
Yes! I consult with each client before booking. It’s super important that you feel comfortable with me and make sure our personalities mesh.  I can guide you through my photography process, and show you sample artwork up close. If you are close to the Southern Maryland area, we can meet at a local Starbucks and enjoy coffee or tea while we chat. I’m also available to chat over the phone or through video.

I am a full time, full-service, print-based photographer.
I am invested in you & this craft. Photography is my full-time job, and I absolutely enjoy providing images for my clients.
I operate a full-service studio. I guide you through each step of the process and believe in communicating with you about exactly what happens next from the first contact to your artwork delivery.
I believe in prints. The end goal of your photo session is to create custom albums, prints, and wall art from your images for you to enjoy every single day.

I hope I was able to explain my lifestyle “style” of photography and how I go about creating your images. If you’d like to chat more, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I’d love to answer any of your questions!

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