Preparing for Your In-Home Session

I totally understand that having young children generally means you are living in a home that is a little less “Home Beautiful magazine worthy” and a little more “appears to have just been ransacked by intruders” (speaking for myself here) and the thought of getting the place into a semi-presentable state might be completely overwhelming. Trust me, I get it.  BUT, the reality is, for most in-home sessions, I am only going to photograph you in a handful of rooms- the ones that have the best natural light. Often, this is your main bedroom, possibly a child’s bedroom (or nursery if it is a newborn session)  and the living room. Generally, it’s pretty easy to hide some excess toys and clutter in closets and under the bed. Please don’t feel like you have to clear everything out as if you are staging the place for a magazine shoot! Your home still needs to tell your story and show that people live there.



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