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#5 Handy Tips for Your Family Session with Young Children

June 18, 2019

If you’re preparing for a photo session with your children, you may be feeling a bit apprehensive. It’s ok! Check out the tips below before your upcoming photo session 🙂

1. Don’t make a huge deal out of it. If you’re stressed out and cranky, your kids will usually pick up on it and act accordingly. Their behavior will usually be better if you are relaxed and having fun. You may have to make some compromises to keep the peace, but let’s focus on the big picture and don’t sweat the small stuff.

2. Make it fun. Let the kids have a couple “fun pictures” where they get to pick their own pose. When I take the children aside and start photographing them individually,  children will usually start doing all these crazy poses (it’s absolutely hilarious to me) and Mom will start saying – “Hey! Don’t pose like that!” or “What are you doing?”  I  turn to Mom (it’s Mom 99% of the time)  and tell her don’t worry. I tell the child that they can do their poses first, and then I’m going to ask them to do a few for me next. They always agree. I  let the children pose the way they want, and then show them the back of my camera so they can see themselves. They love seeing themselves on my camera.  Now, it’s my turn and I can usually get them to listen and get some of the shots that the Parents are looking for. Everyone is happy and this way everyone wins.
We generally like to follow the lead of the child and not force them to sit still or pose a certain way. But, if there is a must -have photo and the children are not cooperating, we like to turn the photo session into a game. Simon Says usually works like a charm.

3. Be prepared. If you’re going to be out for several hours, ensure that your children are well rested and have eaten beforehand. Bringing some non-messy snacks and water is also a great idea.  If we happen to be shooting in a remote location, you never know when you might need something like bug spray, tissues or a first aid kit, so be sure to bring that along too.

4. Be patient. Save your sanity by trying not to control the photo session too much. Sometimes the best photos come from kids just doing their own thing.  We like our sessions to be laid back and we often just let the children “be” and follow their lead. Sometimes, children may literally be running in circles around us, and in that moment, I want you to resist the urge to ask them to stop and go with the flow. It would be amazing if you ran around with them. I’ll capture images while you are enjoying your children and creating new memories. There also may be times when the children are not interested in taking pictures at all, and that’s ok. That’s a great time for us to take pictures of the parents alone while the children get a break.

5. Have a chat. We like to get your children talking about topics such as their favorite things to do, or things that are important to them. This allows them to feel more comfortable around us and the camera,  and will also provide a chance to capture a few candid and cute expressions. You can help by encouraging your children to speak about things that you know makes them happy.

The running theme is RELAX! It will be OK!
Our sessions are an opportunity for you to enjoy your family. Don’t worry if you feel your children are posing crazy or running around in circles. Think of it as controlled chaos! lol
Ish and I  will give you gentle guidance that will enable you to interact with your family and create new memories.
Your images will showcase the Joy, Love, and Connection that is unique and special to your family.

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