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Tweens and Seniors

If you’re in the process of planning your tween or senior photo session, you’re probably looking for a few theme and location ideas. Below are a few fun ideas to give you some inspiration:

Enjoy an amusement park.
Do you live near an amusement park or is the carnival in town? Think cotton candy and carnival games. Have a BFF? Invite them to come along and get a few images together. Using an amusement park as a location doesn’t mean you need to use rides as a backdrop, instead, incorporate the bright colors and bold patterns into your shots.

Curl up with a book.
If you simply love the library or your local bookstore, why not use it as a location for your senior portraits?

Find a botanical garden or park.
If you would prefer a beautiful backdrop of trees, flowers, and wide-open spaces, use one of the local parks or botanical gardens as a location for your session. Who knows what you will find once you start exploring.

Enjoy a milkshake at a 50s diner.
Think jeans, white t-shirts, milkshakes, and red lipstick. A classic 50’s diner will leave you with some truly memorable senior portraits. And who doesn’t love a good milkshake?!

Head downtown.
Take advantage of the graffiti, bridges and unique doorways in the city for an urban theme.

Need for speed.
If speed is more your thing, you could incorporate a muscle car or racy motorbike into your senior session.

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