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Thinking about a family session but not sure what to expect? Let me tell you about our family sessions! Our family sessions are fun and laid back. I love to go with the flow and capture photographs of your family together and your unique connection in our signature lifestyle way. No two sessions are the same because no two families are the same. A great location for your family session is your own home! There’s no better place that can help tell the story of your family. You are surrounded by your belongings and can literally kick off your shoes and relax. I can photograph everyone in their element and it is especially convenient when children are involved. We can take images outside on your porch and backyard as well! However, if an in-home session isn’t your jam, we can find an alternate location around the DMV 🙂

During your pre-session consultation and planning, we will talk about what activities you like to do as a family. It is always fun to incorporate an activity during your session, and it really gives me an opportunity to photograph your unique family bond.

During your family session, I”ll capture a healthy variety of different kinds of pictures. I’ll photograph each child alone, different sibling pairings and pictures of children and parents together. It’s nice to have a picture of just you and your spouse, so it’s important to me that I include several of those pictures in all of my family sessions. We’ll definitely get in some lovey-dovey pictures of you and your significant other. Maybe we can even catch some genuine kiddo reactions — we all know how receptive they are to their parents kissing! Also, I don’t put a limit on, discriminate against, or charge more for large families! Let’s not forget about your furry friends! Pets are welcomed during your session. I mean, they are part of the family, too! Parents, all immediate kiddos, and family pets are all invited to this family session party!

Sometimes, I’ll seamlessly blend into the background and snap away. I like to sit back and photograph from a reasonable distance but I’m also going to get up close and capture moments, expressions and connections between siblings and parents.
These are really playful sessions that will not only provide you with some wall-worthy pictures but you’ll also come away with lifelong memories.

These pictures make excellent cards for the holidays (or even just prints to include in cards) and are ideal for hanging in bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. The grandparents would probably like a copy as well, while we’re at it.

After your session is booked, you’ll receive a Session Guide that talks about topics such as what to wear, locations, how to prep your home, and pets! Of course, we are always available to answer your questions as well; and we will plan your session details together.

If this sounds all good to you, contact us so we can get your session booked! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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