I'm Angela!
a DMV photographer and Storyteller for Energetic and fun-loving families.

Want to know a secret? My favorite sessions aren’t the easy-breezy ones. They aren’t the ones where the children sit quietly and smile for the camera. The sessions I can’t get enough of are actually the loud, rowdy ones with squirmy kids giggling hysterically. Yep, some photographers’ worst nightmare is actually my dream session! So, you can go ahead and wave goodbye right now to the worry your kids won’t sit still through a session. Trust me; the candid images are the ones you’re going to treasure most. 

When I’m not planning sessions or photographing children, I’m probably homeschooling my own two children, hanging with my Girl Scout Daisy Troop, or playing Animal Crossing ( I know, I know...I’m totally addicted!) with the soundtrack to my favorite musical playing in the background, cuddling up with my dogs to catch up on some reality TV (with popcorn and chocolate, of course!), or falling asleep to one of my favorite audiobooks. I love sweet, fruity teas and mind-blowing sci-fi stories. Most of all, I love entering fully into every beautiful moment I’m given in this life with the ones I love most.

I can’t wait to swap music recommendations and hilarious kid stories while we plan an unbelievable photo session just for you! 

The three words that I always have in mind with every click of my shutter are joy, love, and connection! I’m all about real and authentic moments. You won’t find any stiff poses, fake smiles, or awkward hugs around here. Let’s celebrate and document this season of your family's life, and create a collection of photographs for you to enjoy everyday. #ConnectionOverPerfection  

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