Want to know a secret? My favorite sessions aren’t the easy-breezy ones. They aren’t the ones where the children sit quietly and smile for the camera. The sessions I can’t get enough of are actually the loud, rowdy ones with squirmy kids giggling hysterically while climbing all over mom and dad. Yep, some photographers’ worst nightmare is actually my dream session! So, you can go ahead and wave goodbye right now to the worry your kids won’t sit still through a session. Trust me; the candid images are the ones you’re going to treasure most. 

The power of photography and its ability to keep loved ones close long after they’re gone has played a pivotal role in my life. I am passionate about giving families this uniquely powerful way of passing on their legacy to the next generation. But I am equally driven to deliver beautiful artwork through a relaxed experience. So, today, I give families like yours a stress-free way to decorate their homes with timeless, bold works of art that tell their stories. 

Here’s the honest truth: I couldn’t do any of this without Ish. And that’s not an exaggeration. My high-school-sweetheart-turned-husband of nearly two decades has been my best friend since I was 16 years old. He’s been there since the idea of starting my photography business was just a tiny dream, and he encouraged me through the entire journey. And now, he’s joined me as a partner in this dream business of mine, serving as my assistant on session days. 

My trusty “assistant to the regional manager” will be there to carry bags, distribute the hand sanitizer, take some fun behind-the-scenes pictures, and tell dad jokes only another dad would find hilarious. His servant’s heart inspires me, and his joyful demeanor brings an extra something-something to every session that I’d never want to go without. 

When I say “everybody loves Ish,” it’s because, well, everybody really loves Ish! I can’t wait for you to meet my best friend, and I know he can’t wait to meet you.



Welcome Friend!

I love musicals! The Wiz, Little Shop of Horrors, Annie, The Greatest Showman, The Lion King, Wicked, Hamilton...I love them all and more! 
From the movie theatre to Broadway- seriously, I don't think Iv'e met a musical that I didn't love. I can guarantee that Alexa is pumping a musical soundtrack while I'm editing your photos. It's part of my editing secret sauce!

I’m a hugger and will probably greet you with one! Well, it'll be an air-hug for now, at least through the pandemic. By the time we meet in real life, we will have talked over the phone, had a zoom meeting, and exchanged an email or two; and I’ll be super excited to meet you in person!

I start every morning with tea and end most evenings the same. It's just something so comforting about a cute mug full of warm tea. You know that white cheddar popcorn in the black bag by Smartfoods? Yea, that one is my favorite!
And, pro tip: Tacos are not just for Tuesdays. They are definitely enjoyable every day of the week.

a little more about me...

I believe you don’t need wild props or over-the-top outfits to fill galleries with breathtaking photos. I believe genuine joy is the most beautiful accessory and that the real moments are the ones you’ll want to relive over and over again. Because of this, I’ve devoted myself to creating a photography experience that gives you and your family the space to thrive. Then, we will transform those moments of connection into timeless art.

My Philosophy

Reminding parents of who they were before the kids arrived is so much fun for me! Asking the kids to step behind the camera with me while we give their parents a few moments to be together always makes magic. 


While I love capturing interactions between people, I also love catching the little objects that mark the season of life you’re currently in. From the sweet little bow your mom gave your baby girl to the missing two front teeth to the bright red rain boots your kindergartner is now obsessed with, I keep an eye out for the unique details that could easily slip by unnoticed. These are the little things that define your “now.”

The details

Nothing breaks the ice better than a massive family group hug! They instantly create an upbeat vibe and get everyone laughing like nothing else can. So, get ready to bear hug it at some point during your session with me!

family group hugs

Moments of true joy captured on camera are priceless. So, genuine bursts of laughter mid-session are the stuff my dreams are made of. But it’s really the photo after the laugh that I love most. Your eyes glitter a little brighter, and your smile comes a little easier as you’re flooded with a joy that can’t be faked.

gut-busting laughter

Nothing beats the moment when a family truly forgets they are in front of a camera. As the kids play just like they would any day after school and a spouse gently kisses their love on the forehead, I catch little glimpses of your ordinary life, transforming it into beautiful art you can treasure.

sincere candids







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