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Angela Vaughns Photography offers lifestyle photography in the DC, Southern Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas. 
We create authentic, expressive, and genuine photography that celebrates your beautiful, everyday life! Our mission is to capture your Joy, Love, and Connection.

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It's about more than pictures. 
It's about capturing those cute baby rolls, the stage of your child's life when their front teeth are missing, or when they are graduating from high school and transitioning into adulthood. It's about freezing time and documenting who you and your loved ones are, right now at this moment. It's about passing down tangible memories to your children and grandchildren. It's about your family tree, and preserving your legacy for the generations to come. It's about you being in the photos! C'mon, it's time. You won't regret it. The images you invest in now will only become more valuable as time passes. It's time for you to exist in photos. When people look for pictures of you, what will they find? Pics or it didn't happen :-)

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